about me

Bernd Schröder is an artist based in Hamburg, Germany. His works range from realistic sculptures to artistic photography and more.


Training as a professional photographer by Hanns Bühner Studios since 1981 Work as freelance photographer and sculpturer 1985-2002 Managing partner in different film production companies, winner of many international awards for major corporate clients such as Mercedes Benz, Reemtsma, Beiersdorf, etc (1990 Certificate for Creative Excellence, U.S. Industrial Film & Video Festival Chicago, 1991 Gold Medal und Silver Medal, The New York Festival, 1991 Master of Excellence und Award of Master for Best Animation, Corporate Video & TV Stuttgart, Award of Master, Corporate Video & TV Stuttgart) 19941996 Co-producer Werner II – Das Muss Kesseln” (Golden screen 1996) 1996 –  2006  Managing Partner Laughing Horse Group developing artists such as ECHT, Credit to the Nation, Anna Loos, Kristopher Ragnstam, John Wetton and soundtracks for “Werner – Das Muss Kesseln”, “Crazy”, Anatomie, Herz über Kopf. Several national and international awards (Golden Records, Goldene Kamera, Bambi, IFPI Echo Awards) 2007 –  2011 Manager of director, writer and actor Leander Haussmann (Die Sonnenalle, Herr Lehmann, Hotel Lux) Since  2012 Dedicating more time to sculpturing and photography 2013 Exhibition of latest works at Galerie artworks-hamburg 2014 work in progress of an full-size statue 2015-2017 Exhibition in Frankfurt at the Arque-Charity-Gala in cooperation with „The Fith Quarter“ / Roland Birr 2018  Establishing the „Atelier for Sound and Sculptures“ in Hamburg 2018 Exhibition in Hamburg at the Fotocompany „Photographie and Sculpture“ September 2022  Exhibition in Dresden 3D „Smart Art“ November 2022   Exhibition in Hamburg VR „Tower Tales”